Conclusion and What’s Next

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Congratulations! You’ve finished the AMP Intermediate Course! You’ve greatly expanded the functionality of your site and made it much more interactive. You added a navigation menu and a newsletter subscription form, and you iteratively enhanced the functionality of your image carousel. You learned how to handle user interactions with events and actions, and you learned how to collect user input and send it to the server for processing with AMP forms. You took requirements and converted them into AMP components. You also combined collections of components and used the documentation to find events and actions that allowed those components to work together to build a comprehensive feature.

You can create a quite functional website using only what you've learned in the Beginner and Intermediate courses. Building sites is all about coming up with ideas; breaking up those ideas into smaller requirements; finding the AMP components, events, and/or actions that implement those smaller requirements; and finally, combining those components to realize your vision.

However, not all sites can be built with static interactable components alone (as we have used so far). Some sites require the use of dynamic content, where users can interact with our pages, causing new data to be downloaded from the server and displayed on the screen. In the Advanced course, we will discuss the concept of dynamic content and how it differs from static content. We will also learn how to store data locally using state and how to retrieve data from a server in response to user interaction. Along the way, we’ll learn how to look at other successful sites on the web and think about how we could add the best parts of those sites to our own AMP sites.

If you’d like to dive right in, you can start the course here. If you’d like a link to the finished code samples from the intermediate course, you can find those here.