Testing AMP emails

Ensure great user experience by testing your AMP emails before sending to a large audience.

Testing checklist

  1. Include an HTML and/or a plain text version of your AMP email. Email clients that don't support AMP will display this as a fallback.
  2. Ensure your AMP is valid by following the steps outlined in Validate AMP Emails.
  3. Review AMP for Email Supported CSS to make sure the CSS you're using is supported across all email clients.
  4. Try your email in the AMP Playground and ensure all dynamic features such as forms work correctly.

Testing specific to email clients

Email clients that support AMP also provide developer documentation that may contain additional guidelines and requirements.


Gmail documentation lists guidelines for testing in Test your AMP emails in Gmail.

Gmail users can use the Gmail AMP for Email Playground to send an email to themselves for testing. AMP emails provides information on how to enable testing in your account. users can use the AMP Playground to send an email to themselves for testing.