Register for sender distribution

Important: this documentation is not applicable to your currently selected format websites!

Email clients require sender registration to display AMP emails to users. Follow this guide to get your sender address allow listed on supporting clients!

Create and send production-ready AMP email

You must demonstrate an understanding and compliance of the AMP email format. Emails must:

  • Pass SPF/DKIM/DMARC with matching TLD with "From:" address
  • Have a fallback "text/html" MIME part
  • Comply with all client sender requirements

Send a production-ready AMP email to the following addresses:


Fill out global form

You must fill out the AMP for Email: Sender Registration form. This is the only form you need to fill out to be allowlisted to send AMP emails for all supporting email clients.

Follow privacy policies

You must follow each client's privacy policy.


GooglePrivacy & Terms

Verizon Media (Yahoo Mail)


Each email client will notify you of your allowlist status via email. If you have any issues please reach out to the AMP for Email Working Group via GitHub.

Add your client's support

If you are an email client interested in adding support for AMP for Email, please contact the team on GitHub!