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A component for configuring custom animations in amp-story.


Required Scripts

<script async custom-element="amp-story" src=""></script>

If an animation is needed outside of the presets, custom animations can be configured using the <amp-story-animation> component. It lets you create <amp-animation>-type animations inside your Web Story.

To use it, add a <amp-story-animation layout="nodisplay" trigger="visibility"> tag under your <amp-story-page> with a child <script type="application/json"> containing the JSON configuration describing your animation. In the following example, the "Custom animation" text will be animated using the json configuration in <amp-story-animation>:

      <amp-story-page id="cover">
        <amp-story-grid-layer template="vertical">
          <strong class="custom-animation">Custom animation</strong>

        <amp-story-animation layout="nodisplay" trigger="visibility">
          <script type="application/json">
              "selector": ".custom-animation",
              "duration": "1s",
              "easing": "ease-in-out",
              "keyframes": [
                {"transform": "translateY(10px)", "opacity": 0},
                {"transform": "translateY(-5px)", "opacity": 1},
                {"transform": "translateX(0)"}
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