MAY 5, 2017

Triplelift and Cloudflare boost Time Inc.’s revenue with AMP Ads

13% Increase in click-through rate (CTR)
13% Increase in revenue
6X Increase in ad-load speed

Native ad tech firm Triplelift takes advertising assets such as images, video and text and transforms them to programmatically deliver native ads that fit the look and feel of a publisher’s site. Since 2012, the company has worked with some of the world’s biggest brands, employing a user-centric methodology to deliver beautiful and non-intrusive ads across screens of all sizes.

Joining the AMP Project

When the AMP Project launched in October 2015, Triplelift promptly enabled support for their native ads on AMP pages. “We were very excited about the AMP Project because it aligns really well with the way we do business, our mission, and the vision of more respectful, integrated advertising,” says Shaun Zacharia, Triplelift’s co-founder.

So when the AMP Ads Initiative was announced, Triplelift was among the first ad tech platforms to join. AMP Ads applies the AMP framework and principles to advertising, making ads faster, lighter and more secure.

While Triplelift integrated its core ad serving technology to deliver AMP Ads, one piece was still missing: an AMP Ads signing solution. For AMP Ads to be fast and secure, they must be validated by an authorized signing service that verifies the ad is in AMP HTML and doesn’t contain malware.

Clouldflare brings signing service to AMP Ads

Triplelift found a solution in Cloudflare, a web performance and security platform that provides signing services for AMP Ads.

“We had been working on AMP for eight months when Google approached us to work on an AMP Ads signing solution,” says Dane Knecht, Cloudflare’s Head of Product Strategy. “It seemed like the next logical step for making AMP accessible to more users.”

Triplelift and Cloudflare began working together in January 2017 and were able to push out support and signing for AMP Ads within weeks. “With this partnership, we’re bringing AMP to a much wider audience than before with one-click simplicity,” says Jared Skolnick, ‎Head of Publisher Marketing at Triplelift.

Increase in KPI’s across the board

Triplelift recently conducted A/B tests with Time Inc. to measure the impact of AMP Ads on performance and profitability. The results were impressive: AMP Ads ran 6 times faster than standard ads on Time Inc.’s sites such as,, and In addition, when compared to standard ads, the AMP Ads led to a 13% lift in user engagement rates and other primary key performance indicators (KPIs), including viewability rate, CTR, and CPM.

“AMP Ads represent an opportunity to fix key issues with ad experiences on the web,” says Kavata Mbondo, Time Inc.’s Vice President of Digital Revenue Strategy and Operations. “In our tests with Triplelift, AMP Ads are more viewable, up 13% from standard ads on AMP pages. We’ve also seen corresponding improvements in CTRs and eCPMs.”

From a user’s perspective, AMP Ads are a major improvement over standard ads.

They load way faster. Users pick up on every small delay, and when the ads load fast, this has a very positive impact on their perception and advertiser performance.

Shaun Zacharia, President & CTO of Triplelift

Leveling the playing field for publishers

Triplelift and Cloudflare look forward to collaborating more in the future. Cloudflare is doubling down on both AMP Ads and the core AMP format to provide more value to ad tech platforms and publishers. “Publishers don’t always have the resources to optimize their web pages and lose the ability to make money off broadly accessible content,” says Dane Knecht, Head of Product Strategy at Cloudflare. “AMP evens the playing field by standardizing the mobile web format, and our collaboration ensures that publishers can get paid for their content.”

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