AMP HTML Responsive Attributes

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You can apply or remove certain attributes based on screen size. These are responsive attributes, or media attributes. On eligible components, these attributes are applied or removed based on media queries. You can also use a value without any media queries. Media queries evaluate from from left to right, applying the first matching media query. You must include a default value with no media query.

Responsive attributes do not require media queries. You may apply media query eligible attributes the same as regular attributes: attr-name="attr-value".

To apply this behavior to an attribute, use the following format:

  attr-name="(min-width: 1000px) valueOne, (min-width: 600px) valueTwo, defaultValue"

In the example above, if the page has a screen of 1000px or more, it applies valueOne. If the width is between 999px and 600px, it applies valueTwo. When the screen is 599px or smaller, it applies the defaultValue.

The following amp-base-carousel will show 3 slides at a time when width is greater than or equal to 800px, and 2 otherwise.

    width="900" height="200"
    visible-count="(min-width: 800px) 3, 2">
  <amp-img src="./img/redgradient.png" layout="flex-item"></amp-img>
  <amp-img src="./img/greengradient.png" layout="flex-item"></amp-img>
  <amp-img src="./img/bluegradient.png" layout="flex-item"></amp-img>
  <amp-img src="./img/orangegradient.png" layout="flex-item"></amp-img>
  <amp-img src="./img/tealgradient.png" layout="flex-item"></amp-img>
  <amp-img src="./img/lemonyellowgradient.png" layout="flex-item"></amp-img>
  <amp-img src="./img/lilacgradient.png" layout="flex-item"></amp-img>
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Eligible components

You may apply responsive attribute values to the following components: