JAN 23, 2018 serves businesses going mobile with AMP
29% Higher CTR (AlpinaBook)
20% Lower bounce rate (Monetnik)
39-208% More conversions (various)

Founded in 2012, Moscow-based is a web design studio that specializes in adapting websites to run quickly and smoothly on smartphones and tablets. Their portfolio comprises over 200 projects, including ones for top Russian e-commerce companies such as, MebelVia, and Utkonos.


In late 2016, the company began reading about AMP and the mobile web. “We decided to launch our first AMP project using the same JavaScript-adaptive approach we used with regular adaptations for desktop websites,” says Artiom Tsympov,’s founder.

Working wholly in-house, the studio began offering AMP services to their clients. “We ask them to create a subdomain ( that forwards to our servers and add a single line of code to their canonical pages to point to the AMP version we generate,” Tsympov explains. “That gives us the ability to pull all the HTML content from a single page and convert it into a pre-defined, AMP-compatible template.” This straightforward approach lets complete AMP projects quickly—often in as little as just five to seven business days.

Results converted 50 websites to AMP in 2017. With each site, the studio looked for similar outcomes: “We analyze clickthrough rates (CTR) and conversion rates before and after launching AMP,” Tsympov says. Results so far have been impressive: Bookseller AlpinaBook saw a 29% increase in CTR and a 170% increase in purchases Coins and currency marketplace Monetnik saw a 29% increase in CTR and lowered bounce rate by 20% Online marketing publisher Cossa increased page-load speed 10X and time on site by 150%

“A site made with AMP is loaded in one second,” Tsympov says. “This significantly increases conversions and reduces bounce rate.” AMP sites often see an increase in traffic as well.

Russian businesses are still getting to know AMP, and many don’t yet realize it’s usefulness for e-commerce. “Apart from implementing the technology, our job is also educating businesses about AMP and the importance of serving fast pages,” Tsympov says. “We're experimenting with a DIY tool to create AMP versions for any website, which we hope will help increase the number of AMP sites created every day.”

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