SEP 12, 2018

Jagran New Media boosts traffic by 115% and revenue by 4.5X by expanding AMP strategy

Jagran New Media
4.5X More revenue on AMP pages
15% Higher revenue on mobile pages
115% More AMP pageviews

Founded in 2008, New Delhi-based Jagran New Media (JNM) is a leading digital-media platform in India with over 85 million users. Their internet portfolio includes nine websites covering various genres, such as news, education, blogging, health, classifieds, youth, and videos. is the largest Hindi portal for news and information, attracting 29 million monthly unique visitors and 230 million pageviews.

JNM was an early adopter of AMP and wanted to expand on early success by optimizing their mobile site for users and increasing monetization.


JNM performed a deep-dive analysis using Google Analytics and Google Ad Manager to formulate a new AMP strategy. They identified four areas of opportunity:

  • Driving more traffic to AMP — Ninety percent of article pages had AMP equivalents, but just 13 percent of organic traffic landed on article pages, and only 1.25 percent of ad requests were attributed to AMP.
  • Enabling AMP for strategic pages — Top traffic landing pages lacked AMP equivalents, providing a huge opportunity for monetization.
  • Providing the user-first AMP experience across multiple pages — Most users entered a category page as their second page in the session, which also coincided with the top traffic landing pages. Users who landed on a category page also read more articles.
  • Achieving ad parity between AMP and non-AMP pages — AMP pages showed fewer ads than non-AMP equivalents, providing suitable ad placement slots for monetization.

After analyzing their data, the team settled on a three-phase approach:

  • Resolve invalid AMP pages by closely tracking the Google webmaster search console
  • Adopt AMP for top traffic landing pages
  • Ensure that AMP and non-AMP pages had equal monetization potential


JNM made user-centric, data-driven decisions and adopted best practices for ads running on AMP pages. Consequently, they achieved impressive results within a month. Ad requests were 3.3 times higher, generating 15 percent more mobile web (mWeb) revenue. JNM maintained their momentum by quickly enabling AMP for top traffic landing pages. They subsequently saw 115 percent more AMP pageviews and 4.5 times more AMP revenue.

The JNM mobile web team is excited to continue optimizing the AMP experience for their users. They expect to drive more traffic to AMP pages and to deliver a fast, optimal customer experience.

“AMP has enabled high content discoverability in faster load times, resulting in higher user engagement through greater content consumption,” says Jagran CEO, Bharat Gupta. “The same environment helps with greater ad efficiencies, resulting in higher revenues.”

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