A student with a basic understanding of HTML and CSS can use AMP to create full-featured, interactive websites. Thus these materials fit nicely in a curriculum after HTML and CSS, but before JavaScript.

These courses provide an excellent way to teach modern website development patterns. They're suitable both for beginners and for experienced web developers who wish to create more performant websites.

The course syllabus and texts are available as Google Docs. It also comes with a complete slide deck, available as Google Slides. All materials can also be downloaded as PDFs.

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You can find the starting Glitch repository here.

Course materials

The course consists of a series of hands-on projects, most of which step you through the process of creating an AMP webpage for an imaginary shop. The more advanced codelabs build on the fundamentals covered in the earlier codelabs. But more experienced students may wish to skip the first course.


  • basic knowledge of HTML and CSS
  • for the advanced course, JavaScript expressions and simple JSON


  • Internet connection

  • Chrome browser, ideally, so that the AMP Validator extension can be used

  • The course uses the online editor Glitch. No IDE or local web server is required!

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