DEC 20, 2017

Event Tickets Center significantly boosts conversions with AMP

Event Ticket Center
20% Lift in conversion rate over responsive site
10% Lower bounce rate
13% Longer time on site

Serving nearly 1.5 million people since 2005, Orlando-based Event Tickets Center is a leading resale marketplace for professional and collegiate sports, concerts, and Broadway events. Most of the tickets they offer come from the secondary market, providing fans access to the best seats, even to sold-out games and shows.


CEO and Founder Adam M. Young explains that investing in a mobile-first, secure, and easy-to- use website is a core principle for Event Ticket Center’s business. As such, the company was an early adopter of AMP. “Preparation makes luck, he shares. “We wanted to make ourselves familiar with the framework because we felt it would ensure that our web presence would be user first in a mobile world.”

Event Tickets Center began in-house development for AMP in Q1 of 2016, and progress was rapid. They created what Young calls a “fully-immersed AMP experience”—that is, customers who access the site via an AMP page mostly stay on AMP pages.

To help attract customers to their site, the online ticket seller uses Google AdWords. “We’ve been running all of our mobile AdWords ads through our hosted, non-cached AMP landing pages since January 2017,” Young says.


AMP helps Event Tickets Center reach their goal of optimizing their conversion rate (ticket sales). The responsive site they used previously was already fast, but today “our AMP pages are even faster and more secure,” Young says. “We’ve tried to keep our AMP pages visually and functionally similar to our non-AMP pages to provide a consistent user experience. After running A/B tests between the company’s AMP pages and standard responsive pages, they noticed a 20% lift in conversion rate.

One day, Young envisions having a “full-blown site built on AMP,” including complicated, deep-funnel pages such as interactive maps and checkout, and “eventually getting rid of the responsive version.”

He continues to believe that AMP represents the future of content delivery. Building your website with AMP and using tools such as AdWords to drive traffic is a “no-brainer," he says. “The user experience is lightning-fast and simple. Customers don’t realize when a site is fast. They only notice a slow site—and then they bounce.”

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