Senders focused on productivity

Why you should be sending AMP Emails

AMP Emails are:

  • Interactive: Offer new opportunities for readers to engage and take action directly in an email.
  • Versatile: Include multiple categories, links, and CTAs – which can lead to more user engagement.
  • Smarter: Reduce the number of clicks, increase adoptions, and improve down-funnel engagement.

With AMP For Email, you can make your users more productive and happier. You can allow them to do things in your app, without leaving the email.

To learn more about AMP for EMail watch this talk:

Inspiration for AMP Email use cases

We know that diving into using a technology can be overwhelming so this link should give you some ideas for which AMP Emails would be a great fit.

Senders who have had success with AMP Emails

If you're interested in watching some senders who have had success with AMP Email, watch this talk:

You can also look at some successful AMP Email case studies here.

Get started creating an AMP email

Follow this tutorial to build and send your first dynamic email powered by AMP.

For a list of email platforms (ESPs), clients and providers that support AMP for Email, refer to Supported Email Platforms in the FAQ.

Report issues

You can reach out to the wider AMP Email developer community on Slack (signup). You can file issues on the AMP Email Working Group on GitHub.

Register to send AMP Emails

Email clients require sender registration to display AMP emails to users. Follow this guide to get your sender address listed on supporting clients!