OCT 8, 2018 boosts conversions by 12-15%, mobile speed by 15% with AMP
12-15% Conversion increase
15% Mobile speed increase

“Green slip” is the generic term for compulsory third-party (CTP) vehicle insurance in New South Wales, Australia. On, vehicle owners can quickly find information and compare greenslip prices using a digital calculator. “For most people, this is a begrudge purchase. People leave it to the last minute and they are generally price sensitive. Our job is to make the process as simple and easy as possible. We need to give them a clear path to a simple calculator, so they can get the job done quickly and easily,” says founder Stephen Treacey. Now AMP helps them do it even quicker.


In 2016, Treacey embarked on a ground-up rebuild of the website. A new design, experience, platform and code. A major focus was to improve the mobile experience by designing a faster, friendlier, more responsive website. He had learned about AMP through his company’s digital agency and Google Premier Partner, acidgreen. In fact, acidgreen recommended that the entire re-build be based on AMP, not just the mobile version. “Imposing AMP structure and discipline means that everything is brand new,” Treacey says. “It's ultra clean, it's ultra light, and it's very fast. Given the move to mobile first indexing, going with AMP was an easy decision.”

A dedicated team worked on strategy, research, content, UI, and UX. A single developer took on the task of understanding the AMP structure and requirements. The new site was built from a zero base, using AMP.

Our developer loves AMP because there’s only one way to do things, so you can't make mistakes. If you collaborate with other developers, you don't have to work out how they built a page. You either do it correctly or it doesn't work.

Explains Mark Binns, acidgreen’s digital marketing manager.


The team launched the new site in April 2018. “We now have a site that is totally in the AMP framework,” Treacey says. “It's fast and nimble, it ticks all the boxes, and it gives us great outcomes.” Thanks to AMP as well as the other site changes, the all-important conversion rate—the number of visitors who complete a green slip calculation—rose approximately 15 percent.

Treacey had previously invested in mobile optimizations, but AMP delivered even better results. AMP made the site up to 12 percent faster on mobile and as much as 40 percent faster on some devices. “I didn't think it would have that effect on devices in addition to mobiles,” Binns shares. “It's important to look at AMP not just as a way of improving the mobile experience, but also as much more than that.” Treacey adds, “I have no doubt that our designers had an impact, and the pathway to the calculator has had an impact. Moreover, I have no doubt that the speed of our site has a major impact on the whole user experience.”

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