AMP terminology

Term Definition Example
AMP Official name of the open-source web component framework. Accelerated Mobile Pages was the expansion of AMP. The deprecated term is too narrow of a definition for AMP: AMP doesn’t just power pages anymore – you can now build ads, emails and stories with it.
  • AMP controls all resource downloads.
  • Twitter supports AMP.
AMP Project Refers to the open-source initiative to make the web better for all by building a performance-focused ecosystem comprising of publishers and technology providers. Use “AMP Project” when talking about the ecosystem or collaborative effort across multiple partners. Do not use "AMP Project" to refer to the actual technology, instead use AMP. Note: "Project" is capitalized.
  • The AMP Project is a collaborative and open source effort.
  • By participating in the AMP Project, consumption platforms ensure that the open web thrives.
AMP website(s) A website, or websites, built using the AMP framework.
  • AMP websites are fast, dynamic, and put user’s first.
  • Building an AMP website is easy and intuitive.
AMP components Refers to a particular feature (“web component”) that works only* when used on an AMP-powered page, and comes with their own HTML notation. Examples include: amp-form, amp-img, amp-video, ect.
  • The built-in AMP components, such as amp-img, amp-video, and amp-pixel are included in the base library.
  • The amp-analytics component can be used to measure activity on an AMP document.
AMP cache A cache that supports AMP.
  • When an AMP cache serves your page, it isn’t loaded from your site’s origin.
  • Google and Bing both have AMP caches.
Web Story / Web Stories A story web experience built with AMP.
  • The Web Story format is free and part of the open web.
  • Web Stories immerse readers in fast-loading full-screen experiences.
AMP ads An ad built using the AMPHTML ad spec.
  • AMP ads greatly improve the mobile web through their intelligent design and pre-loading features.
AMPHTML ads The spec used to build AMP ads.
  • AMP ads are written in AMP, according to the AMPHTML ad spec.
AMP email An email build using the AMPHTML email spec.
  • Recipients of an AMP email can interact dynamically with content directly in the message.
AMPHTML email The spec used to build AMP emails.
  • The AMPHTML email spec provides a subset of AMP components that you can use in email messages.